Thursday, 21 April 2011

i is a homophone

 I is a homophone

Now you do a double take and raise brow at me...did I just use I with is...and am I politically incorrect to boot?

Now, now, stay calm!  I is in it has a counterpart in the world, pronounced the same but with different spelling and meaning... get it?


So yes, topic of choice today is homonyms - the umbrella term for homonyms and homographs

So to recap: 

·         a homonym is a word that sounds the same a another word, but the spelling and meaning is different.

·         A homograph is a word with identical spelling; but the meaning and pronunciation is different.   

And here many people fall off the bus...even though they were taught what these two little things were at elementary school.

 Common mistakes are made with principle/principal; your/you’re/yore; their/there; wait weight; oh, the list is quite long!
My specific pet peeve is when people cannot tell the difference between your and you’re – the one is a contraction of a pronoun and a verb the other is a second person possessive adjective, indicating ownership!  (I thought everyone knew that!)
Another hot tip: remember principal/priciple like this: our pal the principal. this refers to that guy that sits in the office making hsort work of naughty children.  Principle then obviously has adiffferent meaning...otherwishe it would not be a homophone! 

 I wish people would just learn the differences!  Do not write a word phonetically – even English requires some skill, some ability to memorise basic skills, I mean if you can do math, you can remember a few silly spelling and grammar rules, right?

After Easter I will elaborate a little more on my pet peeves regarding common language errors.

Cheerio old chap! Till next time.

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